Producer - Multi-Instrumentalist - Mastering Engineer - Post Production 

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PRODUCING - Creatively guiding and/or directing throughout the process of recording the entire record. Interpreting the vision, sound, and goals of the music. Bringing a unique perspective to inspire and provoke the artist and to capture/sculpt the emotions in the sound of the record. I am also very good with song arrangements, work long hours, and can work very well with a budget so that absolutely no time is wasted.

ENGINEERING - Similar to Producing but if you already have a musical vision and just want it to sound awesome I will be there to capture it.

EDITING - Need changes to an arrangement of a song that was previously recorded? Need every hit the drummer played quantized to perfect time? I have very strong Pro Tools editing skills and can edit just about anything you could possibly need.

MIXING - You have already recorded with another engineer/producer and need it to be mixed down to the final stereo mix. 

MASTERING - Taking the final stereo mix down of your record and preparing it for pressing/digital release. I use various mastering softwares to apply creative equalization and dynamic enhancement so that your recording has optimal sound translation on all playback systems.

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST - I am a very experienced studio & live touring musician. Primarily for Guitar, Bass, Keys, and a fair knowledge of Drums. I can also play a small assortment of woodwind instruments. 

POST PRODUCTION - I have done Post Production work for a few films/cartoons from time to time and really enjoy it. If you're interested in this you can check out my IMDB profile for credits. I also have other work I can show you for reference that is available on request. I don't typically advertise my services for on-location film audio but find myself doing it sometimes anyways! Let me know if you need any and we can discuss the possibilities.